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Today’s route (click here):

Gran Canaria map of the passage around the island

We get in the car and continue the journey along the GC-200 road to the south. After a dozen or so of turns we stop by the road, because we think that there is a small lookout point here. There is indeed some kind of plaque, but unfortunately with the text in Spanish, so we do not know what we see here. It seems to me that this is about rock formations, to which a small path leads.

GC-200 viewing point viewpoints, Gran Canaria GC-200 Gran Canaria by car in Gran Canaria

We continue along a route full of serpentines. There are more amazing natural landscapes ahead of us. We also pass the first charming, small villages.

extraordinary roads in Spain the most beautiful lookout routes of Spain serpentines, Gran Canaria GC-200 charming, small villages driving along a route full of serpents El Risco where to park

Finally, we reach our destination – the village of El Risco, where we want to see the lake Charco Azul. Only locals can enter the village itself, so I recommend to leave the car in a marked car park near the restaurant.

Charco Azul parking

El Risco

We cross the street and go up the road to El Risco. In order to get to the right trail leading to the lake we have to go through the village. It’s an advantage because it is beautiful here. Residents take great care of their place of residence. There are lots of greenery and flowers. Courtyards are well looked after. And all this on the background of nature and mountain landscapes give a great effect.

El Risco, Gran Canaria small villages, Gran Canaria El Risco, Gran Canaria climatic places Spain flower-filled places, Gran Canaria flowers on the Canary IslandsEl Risco ruinswhite towns of the Canary Islands the most beautiful villages in Spain Canarian cat walk around El Risco Gran Canaria, small villages rarely visited places, Europe Gran Canaria spider spiders in the Canary Islands Canary Islands landscapes El Risco vegetation walk in El Risco

Charco Azul

In order to get to the path it is enough not to turn anywhere, go straight all the time until you see the first signpost leading to the lake. We come across the first sign right after crossing the bridge. The second and more important sign indicates that you have to turn right from the current route and go down the narrow path. We go in this direction and in a moment we are in a thicket among bushes. I am a bit stressed by every step forward, because I am afraid that a spider or a snake will bite on me.

Charco Azul, Gran Canaria road to the Charco Azul lake Gran Canaria short trip hike to Charco Azul great landscapes of El Risco Charco Azul lake in the mountains

Fortunately, after some time the road widens. We also reach a place where we can see the remains of water – such white spots in the shape of flowing water on grey rocks. Unfortunately, not a trace of any liquid, only a large drought.

swimming in the mountains Gran Canaria places for a walk waterfalls in Gran Canaria Gran Canaria what to see

We reach the end of the route. We are sure that this is the expected lake Charco Azul. There is a bit of water, but we wouldn’t call it a lake with a waterfall. We are not very surprised, because we have already noticed that it is very dry, but very disappointed. I was hoping to see a beautiful blue lagoon. This is how it is described on other travel blogs.

Charco Azul, Gran Canaria

We turn back. At some point we notice two women walking behind us. We are a little surprised by this sight, because we didn’t meet anyone at the “lake”, so we don’t know where they came from there. My parents-in-law are going a bit faster, much ahead of me, Wojtek and Tomek so I don’t have much time to think about it. When we talked later together at dinner we came to the conclusion that there was probably a further part of the path, which none of us saw and which led to a lake with a waterfall. It was a bit hard to believe, because the route seemed to end in the place we reached.

Canary palms and ravines Gran Canaria trip to the mountains creative travel photos the best travel blogs

We return to the car taking the same way. Once again we pass wonderful vegetation and pass through the village. This is another chance to take great pictures.

vegetation in Spain mountain trails in Gran Canaria spider Gran Canaria El Risco, Spain villages in Gran Canaria an apartment in El Risco El Risco walk sunset on Gran Canaria the best places on the west of Gran Canaria white towns, Spain flowered porches in El Risco climatic houses, El Risco El Risco village flowers in Gran Canaria climatic places of Gran Canaria El Risco travel blog what to see in Gran Canaria Gran Canaria the most interesting towns Canary Islands vegetation El Risco trekking creative holiday photos El Risco, residents reportage photos of Gran Canaria towns in the mountains, Gran Canaria travel blog 2019 the most beautiful places, Gran Canaria villages in Spain climatic village of El Risco

Pretty close to the car we change the route and instead of going straight ahead, this time we turn left. Thanks to that we are right next to the restaurant. I take three photos and after a two-hour trip we return to the car. According to the information I obtained, we walked about 3.75 km.

restaurant next to Charco Azul restaurant in El Risco Charco Azul bus stop

We drive further. Instead of shooting, this time I record videos. Unfortunately, after a while we have to leave the GC-200 to the GC-2 motorway, because our route’s part is currently closed. We are a little bit away from the ocean and the views get worse. Fortunately, with the help of GPS, you can exit the motorway back to the GC-200 and get to the lookout point necessary to visit – Mirador del Balcon. We reach our destination and park in a small bay. You can’t drive any further.

Gran Canaria what to see lookout point, Gran Canaria

Mirador del Balcon

We go down the stone stairs to the observation point placed on the rock. Not without reason it got the name of the balcony. At the very bottom there is a very strong wind. You can rest from the heat and cool down a bit, having wonderful views of the west coast of the island. We are impressed by the long cliffs and the waves foaming at the bottom. When we look at the most visible point in the far north, we will see Punta de Sardina cape. In the west, if you are lucky, you can see the El Teide volcano rising above the clouds, located on the neighboring island of Tenerife.

Mirador del Balcon Mirador del Balcon, Gran Canaria lookout balcony, Gran Canaria

We continue our drive, because there is still some more to see. We descend from the lookout point downwards and continue to the south. The road moves further and further away from the ocean.

interesting travel blogs Spain Gran Canaria, highway on the west entry to Mirador del Balcon

small towns at gc-200

The landscapes change a little. Now we go through a lot of small towns. They are located one after another: El Cruce, El Albercon, La Hoyilla…

the most interesting routes on Gran Canaria a small town near GC-200 La Hoyilla, Gran Canaria GC-200, road through the villages line of small towns, GC-200 white village at GC-200 GC-200 Gran Canaria

After such a number of towns it gets wild again. It wasn’t a lie that the GC-200 road is worth driving. You can’t miss it. Every moment has many photographic possibilities. Don’t forget about a camera with charged batteries and an empty memory card! Driving on this serpentine road is something special. Although we don’t go by the ocean anymore, there are completely different rocks and vegetation here, what makes the route spectacular.

mountain roads in Gran Canaria mountains and Canarian rocks GC-200. Scenic road, Gran Canaria

We approach our next point of the trip, which is Los Azulejos. Coloured rock formations can be seen from afar.

Canarian landscapes colorful rocks of Gran Canaria Gran Canaria scenic routes

Los Azulejos

Soon we stop by the road. There is a lot of space to park a car. We leave the vehicle and photograph the area without hurrying. Los Azulejos is an unusual rock formation on the island. Its name literally means “fountain of tiles” due to the colour of the rocks resembling Portuguese tiles. These colours are caused by oxidation.

Lookout point Los Azulejos Los Azulejos, rock formations Los Azulejos, Gran Canaria what to see in Gran Canaria colorful rocks in Gran Canaria Lookout point Los Azulejos the most interesting viewpoints of Gran Canaria Los Azulejos

From the stopping point you can also see the magnificent landscape below the valley. The sun slowly approaches the sunset, so we can admire the great light effects.

unusual valleys of the Canary Islands Los Azulejos, landscapes of the valley Gran Canaria landscapes valley at Los Azulejos

It’s really nice here, but we go back to the car, because after this long day we would like to take a bath in the ocean.

parking Los Azulejos

Molino de Viento

After a few dozen of turns it gets less wild and a number of very close to each other small towns begin. In one of them – El Molino de Viento there is Molino de Viento. It is a small, well-preserved mill. Very photogenic 🙂 It is located by the road itself, so it is impossible not to notice it. We do not stop, we take a picture off the car, even though it is possible to visit the windmill inside.

Molino de Viento, Gran Canaria Gran Canaria- Molino de Viento

From here we’ve got 20 minutes to Playa de Puerto Rico. The reason for choosing this beach was that it is now closest to us apart from Amadores beach, which we have already seen and Taurito, which, however, was less praised in online guides.

Soon we arrive at the parking lot. It is paid, but the parking meters do not accept money. We ask local people, but they say that there is no need to pay, so we save a few euros. From the car park we have views of luxurious hotels and palm trees.

Puerto Rico Playa de Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

Playa de Puerto Rico

After a few minutes we reach the beach. It is almost empty and we have less than an hour to sunbathe before sunset.

Playa de Puerto Rico is not a large beach, but it has clean, soft sand, even when entering the water. There are many shops and places to eat in the area. It is quite a busy area because there are many resorts nearby and the beach itself is located between two marinas. Compared to Playa de Amadores, for example, it looks less interesting, but if you take pictures of it at sunset, you can say that it also has something in it.

Playa de Puerto Rico luxury hotels beaches in the south of Gran Canaria sandy beaches of Gran Canaria the best beaches in Gran Canaria Playa de Puerto Rico, sunset Gran Canaria, the most beautiful beaches Playa de Puerto Rico, sunset Gran Canaria, sunset on the beach

We use the last rays of the sun that day and then return to Arinaga. We eat dinner in our constantly visited restaurant. As I have already mentioned, today was my favourite day throughout my stay in Gran Canaria. I like the Barranco de Guayedra gorge with two beaches. I’m glad that I managed to discover this place because, as you know, the beaches on the island are mostly big resorts and it’s hard to find something intimate. The town of Puerto de Las Nieves was also an unusual place. It is one of two places, next to the town of Tejeda, which I remember the most. It’s hard not to mention the road GC-200. Revelation! How do you like it?


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