Time passes very quickly and it’s already the fifth day of our stay in Gran Canaria. It’s actually the sixth day if you count the evening after arrival. Today we covered the most kilometres and took the most pictures. It’s definitely my favourite day on the island. We drove through the whole Gran Canaria along the coast. Since we saw a lot, the report will be divided into two separate posts. Below is a map of the trip (click here):

Gran Canaria map of the passage around the island

We set off a bit earlier, because we have a long road ahead of us. We drive along the motorway to the north passing the capital of Las Palmas, which was visited yesterday, on the left, and a moment later we drive right over the ocean. Las Canteras beach can be seen in the distance. I suspect that at that time there are not many people there, because the weather forecast was not lying and the north of the island is cloudy. We will visit only one town we care about and we will run back to the south. The route we follow is really beautiful. I observe the coastline through the glass and the waves crashing against the rocks, I look in front of me to admire the waves emerging from the distance of the town.

highway along the ocean, Gran Canaria

Puerto de las Nieves

Finally we reach our destination, which is the charming Puerto de Las Nieves. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Gran Canaria and I can confirm it. It has a special climate. White houses with blue decorations, mountains and the ocean together create something wonderful.

We leave the car in the very centre, right next to a church. We head for a restaurant we’ve found on the internet, where we plan to have a breakfast. Unfortunately, one is closed, another one is closed…. And on the door, there are cards that the employees are on vacation now. It turns out that they have made some sort of an agreement. We decide to go for a walk first, and on the way we may find a pub. We pass white and blue houses and an interesting monument showing a woman with a child looking towards the ocean.

Puerto de Las Nieves parking Puerto de las Nieves- blue houses the most beautiful towns of Gran Canaria Puerto de Las Nieves, Gran Canaria Puerto de Las Nieves, SpainPuerto de las Nieves- woman's monument statue of a woman with a child Gran Canaria cacti creative photos from travels around Gran Canaria view of the Puerto de las Nieves port Puerto de Las Nieves- ocean view

Soon we reach the ocean. We get to the intimate beach, which consists of small pebbles. In front of us there is calm, crystalline water and on the right side there is a small pier, which we enter a moment later. Near the beach there is an interesting cottage, which each of us pays attention to. It is decorated on both sides with colourful buoys.

intimate beach in Puerto de las Nieves house with colorful buoys - Puerto de las Nieves interesting places in Gran Canaria colorful buoys Puerto de las Nieves- a small pier view from the pier my photos from Gran Canaria what to see in the north of Gran Canaria Puerto de Las Nieves- port ferry to Tenerife

We go down from the pier and head towards the colourful houses. We also look behind us to admire the pier and the ferry just departing from the port. From Puerto de Las Nieves you can sail to Tenerife. The journey is said to take about an hour and twenty minutes. The costs are probably not that high. We plan to visit Gran Canaria more closely, there is still time for Tenerife in the future, so we continue to walk along the ocean.

outgoing ferry from Puerto de las Nieves ferry Gran Canaria - Tenerife climatic beaches in Gran Canaria white-blue houses in Puerto de las Nieves our photos from travel restaurants by the ocean Puerto de Las Nieves, Gran Canaria

We go back to the streets of the town.

streets of Puerto de las Nieves

Along the way we manage to find one open restaurant, but the opinions on google about it are tragic, so we decide to eat in the only really available place, which is the Meson del Bocadillo bar, which is two steps from our car.

Puerto de Las Nieves- where to park

After breakfast there is one more great attraction waiting for us, which I almost forgot about. We go north and move away from the center of the town. After a while we reach the promenade of Calle el Muelle.

walk around Puerto de Las Nieves entrance to the promenade views from the promenade, Puerto de las Nieves inhabitants of Puerto de Las Nieves coastal towns of Gran Canaria Calle el Muelle, Puerto de Las Nieves historical monument in Gran Canaria

Las Salinas

After a while you can see our destination from afar – swimming pools in the rocks of Las Salinas. The closer, the more beautiful they look.

Calle el Muelle, Gran Canaria promenade on the Atlantic Ocean views of Las Salinas

The view to the other side is also great. I don’t know which one is better.

parorama Puerto de Las Nieves

We reach the swimming pools. They were created as a result of a lava spill and later they were improved by people in order to better fulfill the role of swimming pools. A great place, apparently very crowded. We can walk peacefully between the pools and take pictures of the sea and the waves bouncing off the rocks.

natural pools in Gran Canaria favorite places in Gran Canaria Las Salinas, Gran Canaria huge waves on the Atlantic Ocean pools in the rocks of Las Salinas natural pools in Gran Canaria natural pools, Gran Canaria a ferry to Gran Canaria swimming in natural pools Las Salinas, look at the ocean

The promenade does not end here, so we go further. Now the narrow sidewalk leads uphill.

promenade in Puerto de Las Nieves walk around Gran Canaria scenic paths in Gran Canaria

In a moment the first wonderful views of the cliffs are already visible.

Gran Canaria cliffs

The path we follow looks interesting, especially from above. We admire the pools of Las Salinas, which are far away from us. We walk slowly and constantly wave our head once in one direction, once in the other.

promenade in Puerto de Las Nieves Las Salinas pools from above view of the cliffs in Puerto de las Nieves El Turman, Agaete Agaete, Las Palmas

Finally we reach the end of the path. Here we stop for a longer time. It is hard to leave such a landscape.

Playa Punta Gorda the most interesting places in Gran Canaria Gran Canaria cliffs photos on the cliffs, Canary Islands photo session in Gran Canariaromantic shooting with the ocean in the background the most beautiful places - Gran Canarialandscapes of Gran Canaria

Droga GC-200

After the photo shoot we turn back to the car. We leave Puerto de Las Nieves on the famous GC-200 road. Right at the beginning of the road we can clearly see the lower village of Agaete, which we decide not to visit.

Agaete, Gran Canaria

Just in the very beginning of the GC-200 road – we can see that it is remarkable in terms of views. We drive through the turns. Each of the turns offer us a new portion of views of the mountains and coastline. We feel that this road will be an unforgettable and unique experience. Only Wojtek will be harmed. In the end he is a driver and has to be extremely careful and precise.

turns on Gran Canaria Puerto de Las Nieves panorama view from the road to the ocean GC-200 road, Gran Canaria scenic views from road on Gran Canaria the most beautiful roads in Europe Gran Canaria GC-200 scenic routes in the Canary Islands by car through Gran Canaria winding road GC-200 Gran Canaria, views from the car

Barranco de Guayedra

After just a few minutes we approach the next stop in the plan. It is the Barranco de Guayedra ravine and two beaches here. Right next to the bus stop we leave the main road and turn to the sand road. In a moment we see a bay to park, so we decide to leave a car here and not risk driving down into the unknown. It has its advantages, because the path is very scenic and we have a chance to take a lot of interesting photos. If we look towards the ocean, we can see the recently visited Puerto de Las Nieves in the distance.

stop in Barranco de Guayedra scenic path on Gran Canaria Barranco de Guayedra, Gran Canaria descent to Playa de Guayedra interesting rocks, Barranco de Guayedra Barranco de Guayedra gorge interesting photos of Gran Canaria route to Playa de Guayedra Barranco de Guayedra path to the beach the most interesting places in Gran Canaria holidays in October, Gran Canaria walk around Barranco de Guayedra amazing scenery of the Canary Islands Barranco de Guayedra landscape plants in the Canary Islands interesting travel photos Barranco de Guayedra - view of Agaete Barranco de Guayedra, Playa de Guayedra view of Puerto de las Nieves restaurants in Barranco de Guayedra west coast of Gran Canaria Barranco de Guayedra, Spain

Playa de Sotavento

When the wide path ends we turn left onto a slightly smaller and slightly steeper path. I recommend to take appropriate footwear, sometimes you have to be careful of slipping stones. After a while we reach the first beach. I must admit that it presents itself unusually. This is Playa de Sotavento. There are quite large stones lying on it and it’s hard to walk around. However, we have a lot of time, so we slowly put steps on the next pebbles. From time to time we also rest and enjoy the charms of this place. We admire huge waves. The beach is not suitable for swimming, but in my opinion you can’t miss it when you’re traveling through Gran Canaria.

Playa de Sotavento, Gran Canaria beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria the most beautiful beach in Gran Canaria Atlantic Ocean Playa de Sotavento, big waves the unusual beach of Playa de Sotavento Playa de Sotavento, Barranco de Guayedra heart shaped stone beaches on the west, Gran Canaria must see on Gran Canaria Gran Canaria - rarely visited places mountains on Gran Canaria

Playa de Guayedra

After carefully discovering the beach, we go back to the path that we came by and go straight ahead. In a moment Playa de Guayedra appears before us. It is probably the only sandy beach in the west of the island. The sand is black and has volcanic origin. There is one nudist on the bay, so we do not want to disturb and we take photos of the beach from afar. It must be a great place for rest and swimming in the nature. The view of the nearby cliffs is one of a kind. But remember that this is a beach for nudists, so only the brave will make proper use of it.

nudist beach, Gran Canaria Playa de Guayedra, Gran Canaria trekking on Gran Canaria trekking trails in Gran Canaria landscapes of the Canary Islands black sand beach, Canary Islands volcanic beach, Gran Canaria Barranco de Guayedra trekking Gran Canaria, little-known places

After a short rest on the stones we turn back. Of course, in front of us we can see already visited beach of Sotavento. It is hard to take eyes away from these views.

the most beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria Gran Canaria, places for a walk Playa de Sotavento, Gran Canaria Gran Canaria, views

The last look at the beach and we turn to the path leading up to our car. On our way there, we take a few more photos from the road.

Barranco de Guayedra Barranco de Guayedra Gorge Barranco de Guayedra landscapes rocks and caves of Gran Canaria unusual places in Gran CanariaGran canaria trip

In the next section further part of the route. It will also be beautiful 🙂 We still have the whole road GC-200 to go and a few interesting stops.


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