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Hi! We are Kinga and Wojtek.
We share a passion for traveling.
You will find warm and climatic photos here
and also you will read reports of our journeys.
Our blog aims to inspire you to visit the most interesting places in the world
and to take beautiful photos.
See you on the end of the world!

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Croatia, Brač island, day 1- Supetar
Let’s return to my and Wojtek’s first travel abroad together. I was in love with Croatia, after many foreign summer camps, including Italy, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Austria … I really wanted to come back exactly to Croatia. I have long dreamed to once again see these charming places, which I admired years ago. Dreams came … <p class="link-more"><a href="https://www.looksliketravel.com/croatia-brac-island-1-supetar/" class="more-link">Continue reading<span class="screen-reader-text"> "Croatia, Brač island, day 1- Supetar"</span></a></p>
Gran Canaria, p.7- Arinaga, Playa del Cabrón
Today it will be a little sad. These are the last days of our stay in Gran Canaria and, consequently, the last entry of the travel report. Most of the pictures will be gloomy and a little depressing due to the bad weather. Maybe I started a bit pessimistic, but I hope that you will … <p class="link-more"><a href="https://www.looksliketravel.com/gran-canaria-travel-report-part-7/" class="more-link">Continue reading<span class="screen-reader-text"> "Gran Canaria, p.7- Arinaga, Playa del Cabrón"</span></a></p>
Gran Canaria, p.6- Charco Azul, Mirador del Balcon, Los Azulejos, Playa de Puerto Rico
The entry below is a continuation of our fifth day in Gran Canaria. The previous part can be found here. Today’s route (click here): We get in the car and continue the journey along the GC-200 road to the south. After a dozen or so of turns we stop by the road, because we think … <p class="link-more"><a href="https://www.looksliketravel.com/gran-canaria-travel-report-part-6/" class="more-link">Continue reading<span class="screen-reader-text"> "Gran Canaria, p.6- Charco Azul, Mirador del Balcon, Los Azulejos, Playa de Puerto Rico"</span></a></p>
Gran Canaria, p.5- Puerto de las Nieves, Barranco de Guayedra
Time passes very quickly and it’s already the fifth day of our stay in Gran Canaria. It’s actually the sixth day if you count the evening after arrival. Today we covered the most kilometres and took the most pictures. It’s definitely my favourite day on the island. We drove through the whole Gran Canaria along … <p class="link-more"><a href="https://www.looksliketravel.com/gran-canaria-travel-report-part-5/" class="more-link">Continue reading<span class="screen-reader-text"> "Gran Canaria, p.5- Puerto de las Nieves, Barranco de Guayedra"</span></a></p>