The fifth day of our trip around Andalusia comes. The weather hasn’t improved since yesterday and the forecast also doesn’t show positive news. We are in the beautiful city of Cadiz, so it’s difficult for us to skip at least a short walk. We hope that we will be able to walk along the promenade along the ocean and photograph from there, among others, the cathedral – the main monument of the city.

Cádiz- a walk around the city

We leave the apartment and go towards the ocean. Looking towards the water, we can’t see it, because together with the sky it merges into a large, white spot. We sit under the roof. Half an hour later my dad says “I don’t think it rains…”. Although it sprinkles lightly, we set off. We are right next to the Genovés park. Unfortunately, it’s closed, so we pass by it and follow the path along the ocean.

Cadiz - a walk around the city

Attractions of Cadiz

We reach the castle of Castillo de Santa Catalina. It starts to rain again, so we hide under a booth. Fortunately, 3 minutes later the rain calms down… at least for a while. In a moment a white, beautiful, African monument emerges which looks like some exclusive hotel and the famous Playa de La Caleta beach. This and stylish lanterns, boats and palm trees give a great atmosphere, which I try to show in the pictures. In the summer it certainly looks a little different, above all it is full of tourists.

Cadiz- Castillo de Santa Catalina Cadiz- Playa de La Caleta Cadiz- Playa de La Caleta Cadiz- Playa de La Caleta Cadiz attractions Cadiz attractions Cadiz attractions Cadiz attractions Cadiz attractions

The Castillo de San Sebastián castle was visible from afar. A kilometer-long, narrow path between the ocean leads to it. I wish we had time to get there. In addition, in such weather, I suspect that halfway we would be flooded with waves.

Cadiz - Castillo de San Sebastián Cadiz - Castillo de San Sebastián Cadiz - Castillo de San Sebastián

Cadiz Catedral

We manage to go a long way. In front of us emerges the most popular view from Cadiz postcards – the cathedral. A second later it starts raining again. We run to hide in an underground car park. We have better moods and we laugh that at least the most important photo has already been made.

Cadiz Cathedral Cadiz Cathedral Cadiz - seaside promenade Cadiz Cathedral

Unfortunately it doesn’t want to stop raining. We walk with umbrellas towards the cathedral. I hold the camera in one hand, an umbrella in the other, and if necessary, a telephone in the third. We run to the cathedral. There is currently some renovation taking place inside, because a large part is fenced off, and in addition there is a net suspended above. There is also no option to climb to the top today, which is apparently possible under normal conditions.

Cadiz Cathedral Cadiz Cathedral interior

After leaving the cathedral, as you probably expect, it still rains, that’s why we hide in a small pastry shop. Everyone buys different sweet rolls. Everyone wants to go back to the parking lot and go to Seville. At last, even I lose hope of visiting Cadiz. We are shocked when after a while it stops raining miraculously. Unfortunately, we still have little time, because we have to give the car back to Seville today. We can only choose a slightly longer route towards the car to see something along the way.

Cadiz - a walk around the city

Cadiz – the most beautiful places

I recommend going to the Plaza de San Juan de Dios. You can see the Old Town Hall from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. In addition, you can sit on benches with a view of the fountain and palm trees.

Cadiz- Plaza de San Juan de Dios Cadiz- Plaza de San Juan de Dios Cadiz- Plaza de San Juan de Dios Cadiz- Plaza de San Juan de Dios

Just behind the square next to the ocean is a tiny park when we take a walk.

Cadiz park Cadiz park Cadiz park

Then we turn into one of the streets and reach the tiny Plaza de Candelaria.

Cadiz- Plaza de Candelaria

And right behind it, there is the Plaza de las Flores. You can find a stylish post office here.

Cadiz- Plaza de las Flores

We walk around the narrow streets. Then pass Torre Tavira. I don’t have it in the photo because it’s a vantage point. You have to enter the building, which is ordinary itself and easy to get around and climb to the top. At the top you can see a device called camera oscura. I have never seen it and now I haven’t used the opportunity, but apparently it shows great views of the area.

Cadiz - city streets Cadiz - city streets

We look into the Oratorio de San Felipe Neri – a small baroque chapel where you can’t take photos. It’s visible from the outside in the photo below on the right.

Cadiz- Oratorio de San Felipe Neri

Cadiz- Plaza de San Antonio

When we reach Plaza de San Antonio, where our car park is located, the sun comes out. I recommend getting here, because it’s not a popular place and shown on blogs, but worth to see.

Cadiz- Plaza de San Antonio Cadiz- Plaza de San Antonio Cadiz- Plaza de San Antonio Cadiz- Plaza de San Antonio

Before we leave Cádiz, we have an unpleasant story – we are stuck in the parking lot. Wojtek goes to pay for parking. He went to the ticket machine, put the ticket and banknote, and the machine begin to glow strangely and jammed. As it was Sunday, no employee was in the parking lot. Nobody spoke English after calling the car park hotline. Ultimately, a good man helped us and called the hotline translating our problem to Spanish. We waitfor more than half an hour for the parking employee to arrive. Eventually, we recover both the ticket and the money, but we don’t receive any compensation for the lost time and stress – we have to pay the full amount for the stop.

Finally, we leave Cadiz and drive towards Seville. To be continued in the next episode.

exit road from Cadiz


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