Mragowo surprised me positively. By choosing destination I didn’t plan the sightseeing route for long, I just searched the internet quickly, what is worth seeing. I didn’t know that Mragowo is a tourist town. There are a lot of people here really. Wojtek and I passed many apartments and hotels. Some really look great and I think they offer great views.

There are lots of lakes here. We managed to reach only two-huge Lake Czos and the small Magistrackie Lake. The most popular places in Mrągowo can be seen at the shore of the first one, including the amphitheater and the city beach with wooden, stylish umbrellas. Going further south we reach the Source of Love – it is worth to see it. I don’t know what’s behind it, because we turn back here. We head north to cross the lake. On the way we pass many interesting platforms and beautifully located pubs.

On the other side of Lake Czos, we come across the Gościniec Molo- the most outstanding, large building. I recommend eating dinner here and drinking delicious cold lemonade. After such a rest, be sure to see the Old Town in Mrągowo, where there are interesting monuments such as the Town Hall, charming tenements and churches. Visit the tiny Magistrackie Lake too.

Below is a photo report from our trip. What to visit in Mrągowo:

City beach

Municipal beach Mragowo swimming pool in Mragowo- City beach Olsztyn surroundings - Mragowo City beach Warmia and Mazury Mragowo what to visit

Amphitheater surroundings

Amphitheater Mragowo on the Czos lake Czos Lake near Olsztyn Masuria the most beautiful lakes trip to Mragowo - what to see Masuria the most interesting lakes

Nature path leading to the Source of Love

Mragowo, Czos Lake - a walk The nature path leading to the Spring of Love Mragowo Mragowo - beautiful surroundings of Olsztyn Warmia and Mazury - places to rest

Source of Love

Spring of Love Mragowo the most interesting cities in Warmia and Mazury Love Spring Mazury promenade on the Czos Lake - Spring of Love

Mystery garden

A picturesque place, full of greenery. There is a restaurant here where you can eat while overlooking the magnificent garden and the lake.

Mysterious Garden Mragowo Mysterious Garden - view of the lake the best hotels in Mragowo

Northern part of the promenade at the Czos Lake

Travel blog Warmia and Mazury- Czos Lake the most beautiful places in Mrągowo, Warmia and Mazury the best travel photography Mragowo Mrągowo - climatic travel photos the most interesting places Mragowo where to spend the weekend - Mragowo Travel blog Warmia and Mazury

Aviators’ Park

Park Lotników Mrągowo

Gościniec Molo and its surroundings

Gościniec Molo and its surroundings, Mragowo Gościniec Molo in Mragowo

Magistrackie lake

Magistrack Lake in Mragowo The land of a thousand lakes - Magistrackie Lake the best lakes of Warmia and Mazury Mrągowo travel report Travel blog Mragowo the most interesting places in Masuria

Old Town in Mrągowo

Old Town in Mragowo Old Town, Mragowo the most interesting cities in Mazury - Mragowo Old pharmacy Mragowo Interesting places in Mragowo travel blog monuments of Mragowo

Town hall in Mrągowo

Warm and atmospheric photos from the trip - Masuria Interesting surroundings of ​​Olsztyn, Warmia and Mazury Town hall and old city, Mragowo

Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession from the 18th century

The Evangelical-Augsburg Church from the 18th century in Mragowo monuments in Mragowo - church

Orthodox church Of the Transfiguration

Orthodox church. Transfiguration of the Lord Mragowo

Monument to John Paul II and the alley leading to the Czos Lake

Monument of John Paul II, Mragowo avenue leading to Czos Lake, Mragowo Mrągowo, promenade on the Czos lake Travel blog Warmia and Mazury

St. Wojciech’s Roman Catholic parish

Roman Catholic parish of Saint. Wojciech, Mragowo monuments Mragowo church

Municipal Office in Mrągowo

Tour descriptions - Mragowo Municipal Office in Mragowo The best blog about travels - Warmia and Mazury


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