Iława is a city you hear a lot about if you live in Warmia and Masuria. For this reason, I have chosen it for my name-day small trip. Finally, I had the opportunity to see “Jeziorak” with my own eyes. “Jeziorak” is the longest lake in Poland and the place of action of the book about “Pan Samochodzik”, which I had the opportunity to read in my childhood.

Iława is definitely a place worth visiting. There are many small, atmospheric piers, good pubs and places for a stroll. I only felt lack of good beaches. You can use only two small, urban bathing areas (city-beaches), where even during a work week there are a lot of people. A better option than swimming in the lake is to go on a cruise ship and sail to the island of “Wielka Żuława”. Ferries also offer trip there. We didn’t use this option and we didn’t know where they are coming from or where to buy tickets, but if we go to Iława again we will definitely go on such a cruise, because after this visit there was an inner lack.

Below I present the most beautiful places in Iława in chronological order from the beginning of our trip.

Port next to the restaurant “Pod Omegą”

We leave the car in a small parking lot at “Chodkiewicza Street” and walk a bit towards the small port. Right next to it there is a bar/restaurant and a cafe with a view of the lake. We think about eating dinner here, but we resign, because we want a fish dish, and here there is only meat. We continue our walk along the lake by “Chodkiewicza Street”. On the way we pass many small bridges. Some look new, others very old.

The port next to the restaurant "Pod Omegą" Iława Port Under Omega Iława Port and view of the Iława Lake

City beach and new port

After a while we reach the first city beach. It doesn’t look very interesting, so we don’t even think about stopping here. Right next to it is a newly built port. White, modern architecture is much more eye-catching than the old pier. We stop here for a moment and drink still slightly chilled drinks.

City beach Iława what to see in Iława The new port and city beach in Iława Iława port Iława Warmia and Mazury

“Żeromek” park

A bit further we enter a small park. On the left we see the lake, the eye-catching Hotel “Port 110” and the Church of the Transfiguration standing behind it. On the right we meet the statue of Stefan Żeromski and admire the blooming roses.

Jeziorak lake in Iława Park "Żeromek" Iława- view of the lake walk through the park "Żeromek" in Iława monument in the park "Żeromek" Iława park in Iława

Bridge separating Jeziorak and Mały Jeziorak

We reach the connection of two Iława lakes and cross the left side of the bridge.

The bridge separating Jeziorak lake and Mały Jeziorak lake- Iława

The Iławka River

We continue walking along “Konstytucji 3 maja” street and then along “Jarosława Dąbrowskiego street”. We reach the bridge, from which you can see the “Iławka River” on both sides. Unfortunately, construction is currently underway, therefore the views are not of the highest standard. The view is not pleasant with the yellow color of the water. We turn left and enter the small promenade. Going further along the riverbank, it’s becoming wider and in a moment we can see the wide space of “Jeziorak”. A bit further we reach a small pier that lies above the great “Grand Hotel TIFFI”. I suspect that civil weddings take place on the pier. Maybe one day I will have the opportunity to photograph such one there.

Just behind the hotel there is a second city beach in Iława. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures, because I immediately jumped into the water for refreshment. The water was brown and seemed dirty. This beach, like the previous one, is also very small and I didn’t like it. I like my Olsztyn region much more.

Iława- Iławka river Iława a place for a walk Iława- wide area of ​​Jeziorak Grand TIFFI Hotel in Iława - a bridge Jeziorak lake in Warmia and Mazury

Bridge on the “Iławka” river at the church of St. John the Theologian

After relaxing on the beach, we turn back towards the center. Our goal is to pass by the church of St. John the Theologian. Quite by accident, we discover a small bridge with a beautiful view of the river and tiny houses.

Bridge on the Iławka River- Iława Bridge on the Iławka River - view of the river Bridge on the Iławka River - a view of tiny houses

Orthodox church of St. John the Theologian

Iława church of Saint. John the Theologian churches in Iława - Orthodox church of St. John the Theologian

Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord

We reach the center of Iława. We can’t drop seeing the Church of the Transfiguration up close. It was visible from afar. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful building in Iława, which cannot be missed on the postcard. You’ll find out in a moment by looking at the pictures from “Mały Jeziorak”.

the most beautiful monuments of Iława Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord Iława Church of the Transfiguration - the most beautiful buildings in Iława

Town hall

We pass the neo-baroque town hall, built in 1910-1912.

Town Hall in Iława - the city center Town Hall Iława

“Passion” theater

I quickly make photo of the theater. Unfortunately, we don’t visit the center of Iława exactly, because we start to feel strong hunger. We manage to get to a restaurant specializing in fish dishes. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name, but it was on the other side of the theater next to the taxi stand. We eat delicious zander fillets and perch.

Cinema "Pasja" in Iława

Mały Jeziorak

Be sure to walk around the “Mały Jeziorak” lake. I liked it much more than Jeziorak. There is a tourist promenade with many pubs overlooking the lake. However, I haven’t noticed any specializing specifically in the preparation of fish, but I think that somewhere such dishes could be found. You will definitely find burgers, pizzerias and cafes here. If you are not hungry, you can go for ride on pedal boat.

Mały Jeziorak lake in Iława Mały Jeziorak lake- a promenade around the Lake - Iława what to see in Iława - Mały Jeziorak lakes in Warmia and Mazury the most beautiful lakes - Warmia and Mazury

Below you can see postcards of the “Mały Jeziorak” – water surface, fountain and the Church of the Transfiguration.

Iława what to visit the most beautiful monuments and lakes of Warmia and Mazury

After circling the “Mały Jeziorak” we get back to the bridge connecting this lake with “Jeziorak”. From here, we go straight to the car and return to Olsztyn.

Summing up, Iława is a very nice town. If there were more beaches here, it would be a great resting place, but in this case I think it is a good place, but rather for a day trip, for example on a weekend. I would only recommend a longer stay for sailing enthusiasts. What do you think? Would you visit this city?


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