We get up early and go to Povlja. Beautiful weather prompts us to revisit Vidova Gora.

Vidova Gora, beautiful views of hvar and zlatni rat

Previous visit was not successful because of weather conditions. This time we admire the beautiful views because the visibility is great. First of all, my hair does not fly all over my face as it’s windless. Our stay is not long, because a large tour arrives and it gets too crowded. It has its pluses, because on the further journey it will get even more beautiful.

Brač Vidova Gora Vidova Gora peak in Croatia Zlatni Rat from above the highest peak on the Brač island Brač island, Vidova Gora Vidova Gora- view of Hvar Brač Croatia mountains Vidova Gora, Brač, Croatia

Glancing the last time at Zlatni Rat and the island of Hvar, we leave Vidova Gora and head towards Povlja. On the way, near Selcy, I notice a parking space and I ask Wojtek to stop. The viewing point, however, turns out to be not too interesting. There is a pleasant light however. I briefly observe the distant Selca bay and return to the car.

lookout point, Selca, Brač

First steps in Povlja

We get to Povlja and stop at the local church, which I capture on photographs and I wonder where we should go. We go ahead and admire the magnificent coves.

Povlja church ruins church of Povlja, Brač bays on the island of Brač, Croatia Jadran, Croatia

Tičja Luka bay

After a while I realize that it will be better to drive the car, because there is a long straight road ahead of us, and we do not know where it leads. We drive to the sea and turn right. On the right side, we pass apartments, and on the left, the Adriatic. After a while, we see a place where we can stop and leave the car. We go further ahead and in a moment we see … the Tičja Luka bay!

The one I wanted to see in Povlja, but I did not know where to look for it. You can drive to the bay and park at the “quarry”. As I usually do, I jump into the water for half an hour and then walk around and take pictures. I have photographed the bay from every possible side, so if you don’t want to see the huge photo collection, you can scroll further.

Povlja, Ticja Luka Ticja Luka, Brač island Brač, the most beautiful bays Croatia, Povlja, Ticja Luka the most beautiful places, Ticja Luka bay Uvala Ticja Luka, Brač Povlja, a place for sunbathing the most beautiful bay, Brač island Povlja, what to see the most beautiful photos from Croatia the best beaches of Croatia Povlja, Brač island

Croatia, Ticja Luka, Brač

in the background mentioned “quarry”

Brač, Ticja Luka bay

window known from every report from Brač

Povlja window on the beach famous window, Povlja the famous observation window, Povlja

and the last shots (I promise!):

island of Brač, Ticja Luka beach Tyka Luka, place for a bath, Brač the most beautiful beach, Ticja Luka little known beaches and bays, Croatia Povlja, old ruins Brač Povlja bay Brač, Povlja, where to sunbathe

Time is running out. I wake Wojtek up and we move on. Getting to the car looks like this:

Povlja coast of the Adriatic Sea the most beautiful places to swim, Brač

view of the Ticja Luka bay

last look at the bay

Walk around the center of Povlja

We find the way to the port. The car stays, we take the camera in our hands and leave. Looking up, we see the church that we used to see earlier (visible in previous photos). We follow one branch of the Povlja Bay. We pass various sculptures, for example in the shape of a donkey, on which I have a picture.

Povlja city centre Povlja harbor bays in Povlja Povlja, Brač island sculptures in Povlja, Brač view of the city of Povlja the most beautiful places, Brač, Povlja the most beautiful cities of Croatia vacation photos, Brač island

Wandering ahead, we reach the other branch of the bay. We want to reach its end but unfortunately we can’t find a passage. The road is over. There is only a small beach at the top overgrown with trees, and there are no paths. I know, however, that there is definitely a passage somewhere, because I saw pictures from someone’s report from there. Unfortunately, we can’t find it. Below you can see the beach, or rather, what is right behind it (I didn’t want to catch people in the frame):

secluded beaches, island of Brač, Croatia

We turn back.

Povlja what to see Brač, view of Povlja the most interesting outlets of the island of Brač

A little later we find some path. The entrance is somewhere in this place …

beautiful views in Povlja, Croatia

… but we don’t know where it leads, so we give up and after a bit of walk we turn back.

path to the beach, Povlja Povlja port, Brač island

On the way back to Supetar, we stop at the viewpoint and use the tripod to take pictures together with the Povlja in the background .

the best holiday photos, Povlja Povlja viewpoint of the city shooting on vacation, Croatia lookout point, Povlja

We drive through Selca. We stop just for a moment by the road and shoot some photos.

Selca, Brač Brač, view of the Selca city

Lovrečina bay – sandy beach on the Brač island

We drive to Lidl store, buy fish for dinner. We eat in the apartment and decide to go to Lovrečina bay which is located east of Postira. There is a sandy beach here, which is something, apart from this case, unprecedented on Brač.

We can’t find the road to the beach. When we find it, it turns out that it is too steep and narrow, so we decide not to go down. Wojtek stops by the road for a moment, and I quickly take pictures of the bay from above.

Uvala Lovrecina, Brač sandy beach, Brač island, Croatia

Uvala Vela Lučica

We go back. On the Splitska-Supetar route, we stop behind a small, white sculpture of a woman and go down the stairs towards the sea. We accidentally discover a small bay where we are completely alone. According to the GPS from the camera, we are at Uvala Vela Lučica. I swim in the rays of the setting sun. This is the end of our penultimate day on the island.

Uvala Vela Lucica, Brač

On the left there is a shadow.

the bay near the towns of Splitska and Supetar

And to the right the bay is illuminated by the setting sun.

little known bays, Brač island

Tomorrow, there will be a bay too. This time completely empty and only for us two 🙂


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