Today we move out of Supetar and go to Sumartin, to look for accommodation.

Calm Sumartin

We leave the car next to the port. The first impression is like “nothing good”. I look around and can’t see the place where I would like to sleep. We decide: let’s go and see what happens next. We walk along the port, then at the church we go up the hill.

Brač, Sumartin Sumartin harbor Sumartin, Brač island, Croatia church in Sumartin, Brač

Brač island and the most beautiful beach Sv. Rok

We notice a sign pointing to the beach. When we get to the place, I think: “Wow, how beautiful.” We return to the car for beach stuff and drive back over Uvala Sv. Rok. It is the most beautiful bay on the Brač island. From the beach you can see the mountains in Makarska. I care about the bay and take photos from every side. I probably take 100 photos. Here are my favorites.

the most beautiful bays in Croatia Uvala Sv Rok, Brač bay in Sumartin, Croatia Makarska Biokovo mountains the most beautiful bays on the Brač island Sumartin, Uvala Sv. Rok wonderful landscapes, Croatia Brač, Sv. Rok bay, Croatia the most beautiful bay, Brač island landscapes in CroatiaUvala Sv. Rok, Brač Uvala Sv. Rok, Brač, Sumartin

Scenic districts of the city of Selca- Puntinak and Ružmarin

After the swim we go to the districts of Selcy:Puntinak and Ružmarin. They are located on the other side of Sumartin Bay. There are beautiful apartments with terraces that have a view of the sea and the rocks, as well as the panorama of the Biokovo foothills above Makarska. Sumartin can be seen from some apartments. We look for a place to stay for 3 days here.

There are few tourists in September. One lady even says that if we want to stay only for three days, it’s not worth for her to clean up for us. Other guys are just preparing for their holidays. In another place, the room will be free the next day. We find a very nice large apartment. Due to its size and the possibility of many people living, lady demands 40 euros. After reflection, we refuse. We regretted it a bit because it was really beautiful here. However, I have a saved address and maybe someday we will come back here.

view - Sumartin and Makarska

view of Sumartin, mountains in Makarska behind it

Selca Puntinak beautiful apartments on the Brač island, Selca

Brač island, Puntinak, apartment

It’s the view we would have from the apartment.

Tourist pages of the island of Brač-Bol

We go to Bol. The road is winding, picturesque, and there are great views around. Of course for the passenger, because the driver must drive carefully overcoming countless turns. On the spot we decide that we will return to Supetar for the rest of our stay. We call the owner with information that we want to extend the lease for another three days. After settling the accommodation we go to visit Bol. It is the second largest island village known from the Zlatni Rat beach. In summer there are a lot of tourists here.

We drive to the port and park in a paid parking lot. Then we go for a walk. We walk along the port. Later, we stop in an interesting, scenic spot where you can see the whole panorama of the port and the promenade by the sea.

Bol- walk along the harbor Brač, Bol, interesting places bay and harbor, Bol viewpoints, Brač island, Bol climate photos from the trip, Brač Brač island, the most beautiful harbors Bol, promenade by the sea Bol- view of the harbor and promenade

We enter the streets of the city for a moment.

streets of Bol, Brač island Croatian cities, Bol, Brač monument, Bol, Croatia Church in Bol- interesting monuments Brač, ships in Bol

Bol does not particularly impress me, but it’s worth a look. Certainly, like Supetar, it is a good place to stay because of the easy access to services and shops. You can also go on a cruise to the neighboring islands, including the island of Hvar.

Famous beach in Croatia – Zlatni Rat

We stay for a moment on the most famous beach on the island of Brač, and maybe in the whole of Croatia-Zlatni Rat(croat.Golden Horn, eng. Golden Cape) . Contrary to appearances, more to make photos than to actually be here. Zlatni Rat looks beautiful from the drone, but from a normal perspective, it does not impress. Besides, I do not like crowded beaches. I like Croatia for picturesque coves surrounded by rocks and trees.

the most famous beach of Croatia- Zlatni Rat Zlatni Rat, Brač island Bol, Zlatni Rat Brač island, plaża Zlatni Rat

Murvica and beautiful, uncrowded bays

We head to the village of Murvica. We veave the car in the parking lot and walk down the path to the water. The bay is almost empty. We have beach just for ourselves. Wojtek sits in the shade and I bathe and look for stones in the shape of a heart in the water. I even find a few of them.

Brac island - views of the southern coast Murvica - stony beach Brač, Murvica Murvica, beaches bay and beach - Murvica, Brač Murvica- path leading to the beach

After rest, we return to the car and in the rays of the setting sun return to Supetar.

And next day we’ll see something beautiful …


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