We set off for the further conquest of the Brač island. I planned a tour of the western part on this day.

Sutivan and the most interesting port

We go to the Sutivan and park in the parking lot, which in September is free and almost empty. We go towards the port and we pass a fish shop with an interesting name. The port is beautiful and atmospheric – it’s probably my favorite all over Brač.

Sutivan- interesting places Sutivan, interesting monuments Sutivan, Brač, Chorwacja port Sutivan, Brač

We walk towards the east watching the sea. We pass one beach, but today I planned a bath elsewhere. A little break for sitting on the rocks. Wojtek rests, and I can calmly take pictures of the distant port and flowers.

view on Sutivan, Brač island the most beautiful places - Brač azure sea in Croatia travel photos promenade, Sutivan climatic photos from the trip interesting travel blogs

We follow the streets of Sutivan. After some time, I notice a church high in the distance and I decide to look at it closely.

Sutivan attractions

We are quite high, but we do not know which way to go, and we do not have the church itself in sight. However, I do not regret that we came here because the views from above are great! Wwe take the first picture together in the mirror.

walk through the streets of Sutivan creative holiday photos Croatian landscape, Brač island

We walk along the streets and find one particularly unique. I do a small shotting here among Croatian houses with green shutters. This is what I love in Croatia – climate nooks, green shutters and azure sea.

the best travel photoblogs shooting in Croatia, Brač island

The most beautiful bays on the Brač island

We descend towards the sea and this way we are on the left side of the port. Walking along the shore to the left we reach the bay of Likva. Some travel blogs also call it Livka, but the first name is correct. There are a lot of people here, that’s why we go further to find a quieter place.

port, Sutivan, Brač promenade on the Adriatic Sea Likva bay, Brač Uvala Likva, Brač

We come to a beautiful cove. We see cars parked – you can easily get to this place by car. Decision is to stay here. Apart from us, in the distance there is only a young couple with a small child, so we do not disturb each other. Here my first “comfortable” bath takes place. The water can’t be entered from rocks, but from pebbles. The bay in which we are is one of my favorites, but it will be even nicer and I will write about it in further parts of the relationship.

Adriatic Sea in SeptemberCroatia, the most beautiful bays and beaches azure sea in Croatia places for sunbathing, Brač the most beautiful bays in Croatia places to rest, Brač island bay near Sutivan, Brač

After bathing we go to the bar at Uvala Likva. We order cevapčici – regional Balkan dish. The portion is quite large. I eat only half and I’m full.

Brač, Likva bay Sutivan, Likva bay dinner, Sutivan

Climatic Ložišća

After the visit in Sutivan, we go to Ložišće. To enter the village you have to wait for your turn at the traffic lights. We reach the parking place with narrow streets. Then we go for a short walk. Ložišća is not very interesting, but there is a church with the most beautiful tower on the whole island. If you love Croatian churches, this monument is really worth seeing.

Ložišća, Chorwacja beautiful church tower in Ložišća city ​​panorama, Ložišća Ložišća, walk through the streets of the city interesting places, Ložišća Croatian houses and streets the most beautiful monument on the Brač island Scenic places, Ložišća Ložišća, houses in Croatia

When we leave the city we have a stressful adventure. We confuse the roads and drive to a different than we entered earlier. The road is very narrow. To go further, you have to work it out hard. Fortunately, I have a good driver next to me and it goes without scratches.

Bobovišća na Moru- Croatia or Greece?

To the south of Ložišće there is Bobovišća na Moru. There is a parking lot here and there is no problem with leaving the car. The town welcomed us with the clouded sky. There are high cliffs and some ruins in the hills, I feel like I’m more in ancient Greece than in Croatia. I do not have comparisons to Greece, because I have never been there, I just have such associations.

Bobovišća na moru, parking Bobovišća na moru, Brač island Bobovišća na moru, interesting shots climatic towns in Croatia Greek landscapes in Croatia boat in Bobovišća bay Bobovišća na moru, cliffs the most interesting towns, Brač island travel photos, Bobovišća na moru beautiful bay on the Brač island

Island of Brac – viewpoints

Further to the south is Milna. It’s a bit late and we let it go. Wojtek comforts me and says: “There is definitely nothing interesting there, as is the church and the bay, and they look the same as everywhere.” On the way back, I ask Wojtek to stop, because I want to shoot some photos. In the first picture you can see Ložišća, on the second and third – Bobovišća na Moru, and on the fourth one I caught our rented car.

viewpoint - panorama of the city of Ložišća lookout point, Bobovišća na moruBobovišća na moru, lookout point interesting scenic spots, Brač island

When we pass the previously visited Sutivan on the way to Supetar, we stop for a moment. We take the tripod out of the trunk and take pictures together with the background of the landscape.

Brač, Croatia, photo shooting

Supetar at night

In the evening, we sit on our terrace and eat dinner. Before going to bed, we go to the harbor for the night photo shooting of our Supetar. These are the last shots from that day.

church in Supetar at night church in Supetar by night Crkva sv. Petra at night, Supetar port and bay at night in Supetar night photos of the Supetar city evening in Supetar Night photos- Supetar port night center of Supetar

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