After a bit complicated and time-consuming picking up the car, we finally set off. The island of Brač waits to be visited. On this day, we plan to see four towns.

Small but interesting Splitska

Our first goal is Splitska. We get there after a few minutes. There is no point in using navigation. The roads are very well marked. The navigation lead us to the pedestrian road, so we decided not to use it. It was a good move, we have not gone astray since then.

Splitska - view of the city buildings

Splitska – view of the city buildings

Somewhat stressed after the story with the route we enter the port. We walk on one side of the bay. I read that in one of the houses there were episodes of the Polish series “Mouth lips” recorded.

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We go to the other side of the bay. I go down the stairs towards the water and take photos from there.

Splitska Bay, Brač Splitska, view of the bay and the sea

We sit for a moment on flat stones, and then we return to the church. Next to it there is a path that leads uphill. It looks interesting, so we enter it. At the street on the wall there are stones with holes lying – this is what the island of Brač is famous for. We admire the views from above and then we return to the car.

church tower in Splitska, Brač Splitska, Brač island charming nooks in Splitska port of Splitska, Croatia

Postira – another seaside town

We go to Postira. I liked this place the least. Somehow I could not get good shots here. The church is not very interesting, the harbor is not very pretty, even the bay is not good for my taste and there were a lot of people there.

monument in Postira restaurants by the sea, Brač island Postira, a small church Postira, Brač island, Croatia Croatian streets Postira- interesting monuments Croatia, villas with sea view

After the walk, we are already a little tired, so a nice break would be cooling in the water. I bathe a bit further behind the monument with three holes (visible in the picture). We rest on flat rocks and admire the clear waters of the bay.

monument in Postira Postira, sunbathing on the rocks beach in Postira, Brač island

Lozna Mala Bay, Brač

view of the Lozna Mala Bay

Dol- the most beautiful village on Brač

We go to the charming village of Dol. We park at the bottom of the village near a small church. Then we follow a winding path uphill. We photograph a butterfly that can’t fly and pass nice villagers who smile and greet us. There are some resting cats that stare at us.

climatic photos from the trip the best travel photoblogs charming village of Dol, Brač the most interesting travel photobooks Croatian cats, Dol Dol village in Croatia

Views from the above are beautiful. You can see the road we came from and even the distant Postira and the Adriatic. The village of Dol is really charming and it is worth going here to see something more than just the seaside towns.

interesting travel photos Dol, Croatia the most interesting places on the Brač island Dol, the most beautiful village in Croatia walk in Croatia

After a while we go down the same route, pass by our car and go to see the lower part of the Dol. Here we meet smiling residents too. I guess they are happy that tourists reach these even deeper corners of the island.

Dol, Bračtypical Croatian buildings

Walking, we notice small houses made of stones along the way.

stone on the Brač island what Brač island is famous for interesting facts about the Brač island

I pose for Wojtek with roses. We go back to the car. The sun starts to set, and I want to see the village of Škrip. I forget to take a picture of the church in Dol in a rush.

shooting with roses, Skrip

Škrip – the oldest town on the Brač island

Škrip can be visited in 5 minutes. It is the oldest island town, located on a hill. You have to go, passing through the bridge, to the very end of the village. We park next to the baroque church of Saint Helena. When we get out of the car, an elderly lady walks up to us and invites us to her wine cellar in Croatian. She proposes wine and want for it, if I remember correctly, 80 kuna. We try to negotiate, but she doesn’t agree so the transaction does not take place. The woman is not happy, she looks upset and waves her hand. I think business today did not go well.

We pass the church and the old Škripu buildings. On the foundations there is a museum tower from around 1500 BC.

the most interesting monuments of Brač Brac island - interesting monuments

A few steps further the road ends and we are on the “observation deck”. From here you can see the village of Dol- previously visited by us. We take pictures using the last rays of the sun.

Škrip, view of the Dol travels around the Brač island Škrip, sea view photos from travel, Škrip, Brač church in Škrip, Brač sunset in Croatia, Škrip

Brač island – where to see the sunsets

On the way back to the apartment on the Splitska-Supetar section, we stop by the road. We leave the car for a moment and go down to the sea. We sit on the rocks and admire our second sunset on the island.

the bay near Supetar, Brač sunset on the Brač island sunset on the sea, Croatia the most beautiful sunsets in Croatia

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