Let’s return to my and Wojtek’s first travel abroad together. I was in love with Croatia, after many foreign summer camps, including Italy, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Austria … I really wanted to come back exactly to Croatia. It was a big dream to once again see these charming places, which I admired years ago. Dreams came true. With my Wojtek, we spent holidays on the island of Brač, away from the tourist crowd, focusing not only on the cities, but also on less accessible places that other tourists may never see. Our trip took place on September 12-19, 2015. We stayed in Supetar.

how to get to the Brač island

We came to Croatia by bus from Warsaw. The ticket cost us PLN 474 per person back and forth. It was a very tiring way to travel, but the cheapest one at that time. Travel by air was very expensive and I’m not sure if there were direct flights to Split. Now, it is definitely Wizzair option. Today, I would not decide to travel by bus anymore. There is nothing like convenience.

First stop of our bus trip is meant to have in Trogir, but we go a bit further. We arrive to Split a few hours before the planned time. We get off at the port, where ferries leave and withdraw kuna (Croatian banknotes) from the ATM and buy tickets for the nearest ferry to Supetar. The price of the cruise is 33 kuna. Then we get on the ferry. Wojtek rests and watches luggage, and I walk around and photograph the views from the ferry. Split is moving away more and more.

Split, Croatia panorama of Split ferry to the Brač island views from the Supetar-Split ferry

After a half-hour cruise, we approach Supetar.

Split-Supetar ferry Supetar, panorama of the city port in Supetar, Brač

We get off the ferry and take out the map. Without any major problems, we reach the apartment, where the owner waits and greets us with prepared by her mother-in-law compote. We get some leaflets and maps brought from tourist information. We pay for a flat – 30 euros per night. Then we take a rest, refresh ourselves and leave. Wojtek takes photos of me on our terrace.

apartment on the island of Brač apartment, Brač Island Supetar, Brač island Brač, where to stay

supetar and local beach

We go for a walk. We reach the beach. I do not like it here because there are a lot of people, that’s why we go a bit further to the rocks. There is much nicer and more pleasant there. I have a small problem with getting into the water, because the rocks are slippery. You also have to watch out for crabs, and there’s a lot of those out there.

Supetar, beach Supetar - where to sunbath swimming in the Adriatic Sea in September vacation on the island of Brač Supetar, Brač, beach Supetar, sunbathing Supetar in September Supetar city - panorama

After sunbathing, I start to feel hungry. We return to the apartment for a moment to put away the beach equipment, and then we go to the port to eat something. The prices are unfortunately not low, but the portions are quite large and you can eat well.

port in Supetar, Brač bay and port Supetar dinner in Supetar, Croatia

supetar- what to see

With full stomach, we set off to explore the city. We go through many different nooks and crannies. I put just 10% of photos I made here. It is worth taking a stroll along the bay and the harbor, see a typical Croatian church, as well as walk through the charming streets and discover interesting places. Everyone will fall in love with something else.

Supetar church, Brač island walk around the Brač Island, Supetar Supetar, sea view Supetar, a promenade by the sea Supetar, a walk Brač island, interesting places old town in Supetar the most beautiful churches, Croatia Crkva sv. Petra, Supetar Brač island, Supetar, city center Croatia, Supetar view of the port, Supetar Supetar bay, Croatia

In Supetar, it’s worth to see the old cemetery. We go there for a moment and take a few photos.

the most beautiful Croatian cemeteries Supetar, cemetery cemetery in Supetar, Brač

Croatian sunsets

The evening falls quickly. We go to the rocks to admire the last rays of the setting sun.

sunset in Croatia travel photos, Croatia Supetar, sunset Supetar evening sunset over Jadran Croatia after sunset

Brač island – car rentals

Later in the evening, we look for a car rental company. The next morning we have to rent a reserved car. The search takes over an hour … If any of you rented a car here from the place “Kaktus Resort”, contact me, because it’s very hard to find the place. I highly recommend renting a car, because without a car, staying on the island does not make sense.
After today’s warm-up, a real adventure will begin the next day…

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