We will show you the attractions of Lombardy. We spent 3 days in this beautiful Italian region. It’s very short, but enough time to fall in love with the area. Lombardy is- wonderful lakes, small, climatic towns, narrow streets, interesting mountains and nice monuments. We will definitely return to Italy someday and visit this country more thoroughly. We are tempted not only by the Milan area, but also by other regions.

Lombardy attractions

If you are planning a trip to Lombardy, this entry is for you. We assure you that you will want to see all the places shown by us.


You will probably start your journey around Lombardy from Orio al Serio airport in Bergamo, or in Milan. Tourists often skip this town and go in a different direction. Don’t make this mistake and spend at least one day in Bergamo. Be sure to walk around the old town, called Città Alta and admire the beautiful views from the Venetian defensive walls (Cinta Muraria di Bergamo). In Bergamo, it’s also worth taking advantage of the Funicolare funicular entrance to the San Vigilio hill. From there you can see the whole panorama of the city and its beautiful monuments. The buildings of Bergamo are really interesting. The most beautiful buildings can be found on Piazza del Duomo and Piazza Vecchia. My favorites are: Cappella Colleoni, Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore and Cathedral of St. Alexander.

Bergamo, San Vigilio, views of the Città Alta Bergamo, Citta Bassa Bergamo, Citta Bassa Bergamo, Piazza Vecchia

A detailed report from Bergamo: here.


The most beautiful place in Milan is definitely the Duomo di Milano Cathedral. If you are going to visit this city, be sure to go inside and onto the roof of the cathedral. I assure you that you won’t regret it. The views from the roof are beautiful! It’s not only about nice surroundings, but about the wonderful architecture of this monument – small, long and beautifully decorated towers and sculptures. If, like me, you don’t like visiting churches, this one will remain in your memory.

All other places in Milan, unfortunately, are not half as interesting as the cathedral. But you definitely don’t want to spend the whole day in front of the cathedral, that’s why I recommend places like Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, La Scala Theater and Sforza Castle (Castello Sforzesco). This last monument is located in the nice park Sempione. In Milan, it’s also worth seeing the Naviglio district, known as Venetian. There you will be able to walk along the canals and feel a bit like in Venice.

Milan, the roof of the Duomo di Milano cathedral Milan, the roof of the Duomo di Milano cathedral Milan, the roof of the Duomo di Milano cathedral

Detailed report from Milan: here.

Como Lake

Of all our trip, we liked Como Lake the most. It’s located north of Milan next to the Swiss border. It has a very long shoreline and a very interesting shape – the inverted “Y” letter. There are a lot of small towns by the lake shore. Due to the fact that there are many mountains around them, the towns are extremely interesting and worth visiting.


Lecco is the first town we visited on Como Lake. It’s closest to Bergamo, so we were able to get here by train very quickly. The town greeted us with a light fog, which gave it even more charm. In Lecco, it’s worth going to the port, watching the boats, feeding the swans and taking pictures with the mountains and the church in the background.

Lago di Como- Lecco Lago di Como- Lecco


The town that impressed us the most from the perspective of the ferry is Varenna. Wonderful houses, the church tower and the castle on the hill are the view you will see when swimming on Como Lake. In Varenna it’s worth going to the top of the hill and see the castle and another perspective of the city. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to get there, but my imagination tells me it’s worth it.

Lake Como, Varenna- view from the ferry Lake Como, Varenna- view from the ferry


Bellagio is a town that we managed to visit best. We delved into narrow streets, went up and down the stairs, looked into all corners. We also recommend it to you. And after a walk, go to a small park on the shore of the lake, where there are many benches and relax there. There are a lot of greenery and flowers. Capture them in the frame and take one of the most beautiful photos of Bellagio.

Lake Como, Bellagio- view from the ferry Lake Como, Bellagio Lake Como, Bellagio Lake Como, Bellagio


I liked Menaggio the least. Although the pictures certainly look great, being in town, I didn’t feel the same as in other places. Of course, each person has a different taste, which is why I will present Menaggio as a place worth visiting. In the town I liked the port and the small square with the fountain the most. Perhaps an interesting attraction for you may be a walk along the promenade by the lake and visiting the local church.

port of Menaggio Lake Como, Menaggio

A detailed report of Como Lake- Lecco, Varenna, Bellagio, Menaggio: here.

We hope that you will be able to go to these beautiful places, and our entries will be useful. Remember that we’ve written a detailed report of our trip around Lombardy, to which we recommend going.


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