As we had a lot of sightseeing yesterday, there will be more sunbathing today. We will visit the south of the island. A long ride to the most distant point of the route awaits us for a beginning. Long, although fast, because we drive on the highway.

Today’s route (click here):

Gran Canaria route day 2

highway on Gran Canaria GC-1 Gran Canaria motorway road towards Maspalomas tunnels on the Gran Canaria highway GC-1 highway around Arguineguin

breakfast in puerto de mogan

When we reach Puerto de Mogan, we have to find a parking space. It is worth remembering that places marked with white lines are free of charge. Blue lines are places that should be payed in a parking meter. Yellow lines on the other hand inform us that in a given place you are not allowed to park under any circumstances. After leaving the car, the first thing we do is to look for a place where we will have breakfast. We manage to find a pleasant beach bar and order octopuses and a plate of tapas. It includes two types of cheese, potatoes, olives, salt peppers, squid, two types of fish and a potato pancake.

a plate of tapas, breakfast in Spain

After breakfast we can visit the city. We walk along the beach promenade, admiring the mountains and the ocean, between which Puerto de Mogan is located.

view of Puerto de Mogan white houses in Puerto de Mogan Playa Mogan, Gran Canaria the most beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria

Venice of the Canary Islands?

We also walk around the canal, thanks to which Puerto de Mogan is called “Venice of the Canary Islands”. The canal runs roughly through the centre of the city and is crossed by small blue bridges. In my opinion, it is a little wrong to call a town Venice. I had the pleasure of being in Venice and it does not resemble Puerto de Mogan at all. The city has a completely different climate. Here it is colorful and sunny and grows many beautiful flowers, palm trees and other types of vegetation that are missing in Italy.

Venice of the Canary Islands water canal in Puerto de Mogan Puerto de Mogan, view of the beach beautiful vegetation in the Canary Islands mountain views in Puerto de Mogán Gran Canaria, beautiful flowers and the ocean Puerto de Mogan - Venice of the Canary Islands creative photos from trips

We also reach the port. There are plenty of mooring places here. Local service providers offer various cruises and trips. Among other things, you can sail around dolphins and learn how to dive.

Puerto de Mogan gate ships in the port, Puerto de Mogán a beautiful port in Gran Canaria

There are many crabs on the rocks in the harbour. When you look ahead, you’ll see the beach we were passing by and the wonderful cliffs, from which high waves are bounce off every now and then.

Gran Canaria, view of the cliffs and the beach crabs on the rocks, Spain

We turn back and visit the second part of the port. On our way we pass the blooming streets in which we will soon enter.

white and colorful Spanish town walk around the harbor, Puerto de Mogán interesting plant, Gran canaria a small square with a gazebo, Puerto de Mogán photo from the trip climatic Puerto de Mogan

We go towards the city centre and walk along the streets. There are white houses with colourful decorations and lots of colourful flowers. It looks fabulous.

flowered streets in Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria

Then we take the turn to the car that we left at the very beginning of the town.

Calle Rivera del Carmen, Gran Canaria view of luxury hotels

further road on the south of the island

We continue our journey. Along the way we pass the beach Playa de Tauro.

road on the south of Gran Canaria palm trees next to the Gran Canaria GC-1 motorway Playa de Tauro, Gran Canaria view of the Playa de Tauro beach

top resort- playa de Amadores

We reach Playa de Amadores. As a rest from sightseeing we will spend some time here on the beach. The water is clean and very warm. Ideal conditions for enjoying the beach. However, I advise you to always have a good cream with a filter to avoid sunburn, because the sun roasts mercilessly. After yesterday’s trip to the mountains, Wojtek burned down slightly and now staying in the sun is a problem for him. The second advice is to choose a place on the edge of the beach. The sand in the middle is thicker and it’s hard to walk around. In addition, there are huge stones in the water, which unfortunately hurt me during the exit from the water.

first look at Playa de Amadores luxury beach de Amadores on Gran Canaria Playa de Amadores - ocean view

After a rest I go for a walk on the beach. I enter the breakwater from where I can clearly see the beach and luxury hotels located high above it on the rocks.

Playa de Amadores, a breakwater overlooking the hotel entertainment on Playa de Amadores the most beautiful beaches, Gran Canaria

It’s a shock for me that from the south of Gran Canaria I can see Tenerife and the peak of the Teide volcano. I wasn’t sure until I checked that on the web on another travel service.

Playa de Amadores - view of Tenerife expensive hotels on the rocks Playa de Amadores, Gran Canaria

We spend about two hours on the Amadores beach. Then we return to the car by another path and admire the beach from above.

travel blog - Playa de Amadores from above some greenery in Gran Canaria what to see in the south of Gran Canaria

We go further. I recommend driving along the ocean. Google map will probably direct you to the highway, because it’s faster, but in this case you wouldn’t cross the next beautiful beaches and tourist towns. For example, we pass Playa de Puerto Rico.

road along the ocean, Gran Canaria Puerto de Rico, Gran Canaria tourist towns in the Canary Islands Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria - parking near the port beautiful roads in Gran Canaria Gran Canaria- view of the south coast Los Caideros town on Gran Canaria entry to Los Caideros

heart-shaped island and anfi del mal

Ten minutes later we reach Los Caideros. We park at Monte Anfi car park. We find an elevator and go downhill. In elevator we have a view of the beach Anfi del Mal with a island in the shape of a heart.

Anfi del Mar from above the most beautiful beach of Gran Canaria Anfi del Mar, Gran canaria heart shaped island, Anfi Beach

Next to the beach there is a small shopping center, where we order a small meal – pizza and toasts. In the south of Gran Canaria, in the tourist destinations, prices are much higher than in other parts of the island. We pay a little bit more than usual, but at least we have a lot of energy for the sightseeing.

Next stop – the beach-island. We cross the bridge, from where we can see a similar canal to the one in Puerto de Mogan, also surrounded by stones. The vegetation on the island is very well maintained. We admire beautiful flowers and palm trees.

Isla De Anfi, Gran Canaria Playa Anfi del Mar, Gran Canaria The most beautiful flowers of Spain De Anfi island, Los Caideros

We return to the left side of the island, from where we have a good view of the beach. You can see that this place is very popular. Not only the island’s characteristic features, but also the magnificent sand that was brought from the Caribbean. You can feel really exclusively here. Many people think that Anfi del Mar is the most beautiful beach in Gran Canaria. It’s hard for me to judge, because such resorts are not in my climate at all. I like small, uninhabited places, such as we visited with Wojtek on the island of Brač in Croatia.

attractions of the Canary Islands walk around Isla de Anfi, Gran Canaria panoramic elevator at the beach of Anfi del Mar the most beautiful places in the south of Gran Canaria promenade by the ocean in Los Caideros Los Caideros, view from the promenade Anfi del Mar- bridge to the island in the shape of a heart water equipment rental - Anfi del Mar Park Isla de Anfi, Gran Canaria

Route along the ocean- patavalaca, arguineguin

We continue our road along the ocean. We pass through the next resorts and the towns of Patalavaca and Arguineguin.

white resort Patavalaca tourist towns of Canary Patavalaca, city center Arguineguin, Gran Canaria

Then we go just right by the ocean. There are wonderful views of the tiny beaches, which probably only the locals know about. There are also brown rocks, which together with the blue ocean form the typical landscape of Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria- a scenic route over the ocean beautiful coastline in the south of Gran Canaria Gran Canaria- south of the island the most scenic roads of the Canary Islands Playa de Triana, Gran Canaria Gran Canaria- unpopular beaches ocean view from the GC-500 road, Gran Canaria

what else is worth seeing in the south of gran canaria?

In my south island plan I still had Posito Blanco– a small housing estate, which I read about on another travel blog. You can’t move around it by car. You can walk peacefully in Marina among beautiful cottages and yachts. One blogger wrote that she associates this place with Beverly Hills from the series “Beverly Hills 90210”. Unfortunately, we will not have the opportunity to judge it as it’s getting late. Others want to bathe and I really want to see the famous dunes and the Faro de Maspalomas lighthouse.

road to Maspalomas entry road to Meloneras road among palms, Canary Islands

After another couple of minutes we get to the Maspalomas car park at Av. Cristóbal Colón Street. However, we discover that a bit earlier there were free parking spaces on the street, so we turn back. Unfortunately, the places have been taken up, so we go further and finally leave the car at the small hotel Palmeral Oasis. If you don’t care about time, you can walk from there.

parking near Maspalomas

faro de maspalomas

As I mentioned, we are going to see the dunes here. We know that before us about 20 minutes walk to the beach, so we go on our way as soon as possible. We get to the Maspalomas car park and from there we have no problem finding the right route, because we head straight towards the lighthouse visible in the distance. It’s called Faro de Maspalomas.

Faro de Maspalomas lighthouse creative photo of Faro de Maspalomas Faro de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria walk down the street Av. Cristóbal Colón visible in the distance lighthouse Faro de Maspalomas lighthouse in Maspalomas

After all, we see the ocean. We admire the Paseo de las Meloneras promenade on the one hand, and the large waves smashing against the rocks on the other. The beach is a bit further away, and behind it there are dunes that are still unnoticeable from here.

Paseo de las Meloneras, Gran Canaria ocean view from Paseo de las Meloneras Faro de Maspalomas from the ocean the beginning of the Maspalomas beach

We reach the beach and set the place for the rest again. After a short relaxation we decide to go on a trip to the dunes. Wojtek decides to stay in place with all luggage, so the rest of us move to make it on time before sunset. After a short hike we can see beautiful views. In addition, the whole sky is covered with clouds, which create a unique, slightly dark climate.

Dunas de Maspalomas- next “must see”

Dunas de Maspalomas is one of the most popular places in Gran Canaria and attracts many tourists from all over the world. The desert landscape by the ocean is a great opportunity to take beautiful pictures. These amazing views stretch for 6 kilometers. This is the largest area of its kind in the Canary Islands. We’ll see just a tiny piece, but that’s enough to feel the beauty of this place.

trip to the dunes what to see in Gran Canaria beautiful dunes, Canary Islands Dunas de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria the dunes of Dunas de Maspalomas landscapes of Gran Canaria Gran Canaria amazing views Dunas de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria what to see in Gran Canaria Gran Canaria - "must see" Dunas de Maspalomas, Canary Islands Canary Islands landscapes desert area in the Canary Islands

extraordinary flora on canary island

On the dunes you can also admire the unusual vegetation. Apparently, however, not much of it has been left and for this reason special trails have been marked out to protect it as much as possible.

vegetation in the dunes of Dunas de Maspalomas Maspalomas dunes under protection Dunas de Maspalomas, vegetation Dunas de Maspalomas - special routes flora of Gran Canaria desert landscapes of the Canary Islands walk around Dumas de Maspalomas the dunes of Dunas de Maspalomas

gorgeous sunset

We turn back from the dunes to Wojtek and in a moment an unusual sunset follows. After that we play with shadows, take stupid pictures. When the sun hides completely, we roll up our stuff and go to the car.

sunset, Maspalomas Gran Canaria, the most beautiful sunsets sunset over the ocean fun with shadows on Maspalomas beach creative travel photos the best travel blog Faro de Maspalomas at sunset

We drive in the dark on the highway to our Arinaga. It rains during way to our place. For the first time during the trip we turn on the windscreen wipers. We get to the place. It still rains, so we enter the apartment and that day we don’t leave anywhere else.

How do you like the south of Gran Canaria? A completely different experience than during our yesterday’s trip, isn’t it?


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